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Your pet will be in good hands with us!

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed with your pet in mind. We have boarding, grooming, training, doggie daycare, and much more. You'll be able to relax on your own vacation and know that your pet is going to be happy and well cared for by our experienced and loving staff.



 •  $21 for the 1st dog

 •  $18 for the 2nd dog

 •   $15 for any additional dogs


$15 for the 1st cat

$13 for any additional cats.


We also offfer boarding to non-traditional pets on an as needed basis with all supplies and instructions being supplied by the owner. Price determined on a case by case basis.


Boarding - Extras


Playtimes are 15 minutes one-on-one with an employee doing whatever the dog seems to be enjoying. Sometimes we play fetch, sometimes we run around the yard and sometimes we just like to cuddle.

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  • Snack Time TreatsLG $5.00 SM $3.00

  • Nature Walks$10.00 per walk

  • Playtimes $5.00 each





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These walks are done one-on-one as well and consist of a walk along our 12 acre, fenced property. Dogs must walk well on a leash and have a well-fitting collar. Only one dog per employee is authorized at a time.

Pick two treats then pick your days and your dog will be the bark of the kennel while enjoying a tasty treat mid-day.


    •  Peanut or Cheese Kong

    •  Bobble Kong Treat Dispenser

    •  Chewy Bone

    •  Jerky

    • Chickencicles

Doggy Daycare Packages:

  • 8 Pack $120.00

 (Anytime use within 2 months)


• 3 Day Package $50.00/$45.00

 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)


• 2 Day Package$35.00/$30.00

 (Tuesday and Thursday)


• Single Day$25.00*/$20.00*

 (Monday – Friday)

 *$5.00 discount on single days that your dog is boarding


• Go Home Bath$20.00